I like to do commission work for people, I am willing to do a whole range of different styles of art to satisfy my customers needs. Often people want a personal image, or something that relates to them or a person they love. I love the challenge that commissions give, to meet their expectations and exceed. Often times I become more critical when working with my commission work, focusing more on details and on the important aspects that make this piece.
This is Acrylic on Thick Paper, an experimental style done for a woman who lost her baby boy to a terminal illness. Our kitties were going through similar problems during this time, and while mine made it through it I still understood her pain.
I wanted to express his life and personality, a making the painting feel real while still showing an artistic edge in honouring the lost Kitty.
This is Watercolour on a 12 x 12 inch paper, done for a family friend's sister and recent lost pup. 
This painting I ended up painting 3 times before I liked the way it was working out. The challenges in the past paintings became the strengths of the final, the brushstrokes of the fur were therapeutic and the eye of the pup was a beautiful focus.
This is Acrylic on a 16 x 20 inch Canvas, a painting done for a friend for her boyfriends Valentines Day gift. 
To make the piece more personable, I did remove some people and items in the background that took away from the focus of the couple.
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