Water is my comfort zone, I love being near it, I love hearing the sound of the waves, or the feeling of the current on my skin. I grew up in a beach town and the Lake was just a walk down the block, during the summer I went every day I could. 
I paint water to escape, I paint with blues to sooth me.
This piece was just for fun, like most in here will be, but I was able to test making videos of my painting process. I had set up a makeshift tripod and recorded a hyper laps of the painting. 
Destinations Unknown 2 x 2 Inch
-Acrylic on Illustration Board
Every now and then I like to take a break from what ever I am doing and practice painting water. I will find pictures of the ocean, or lakes, or rivers, and I will spend a couple hours just practicing. The key is to always keep trying.
Lost at Sea
-Acrylic on Round Canvas
The Beauty of water is that it is challenging, the nature of it is constantly changing and never consistant. It allows for a challenge to be taken with every brushstroke. 
-Acrylic on Board
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